Background of the company name

Ares is a god of war in Greek myths. We assume even in the contemporary society, we experience ‘war’ situation in the business activities.

We provide solutions under such situation, supporting management and stake holders.

Case study


To broadcasting company;

A broadcasting company has fallen in the delicate situation with stakeholders because of its large amount of debts. Under such situation, we provided support of execution of action plans such as planning of detailed business forecasts, holding of bank meeting and negotiation with stakeholders. We have earned rescheduling, better sound financial conditions by selling subsidiary.

Support for investment

To one of the major trading firms in Japan;

A Japanese trading firm planned to co-invest in major barbecue restaurant chain with listed restaurant chain. We provided due diligence support and negotiation support for the trading firm including preferred shares structuring.



We provide general management support to the CEOs. We focus on the solution of the situation when the company faced with difficult situations with management and/or stakeholders by the analysis of conditions and planning of business strategies.

Overseas expansion

To one of the major credit card companies;

We supported feasibility study of acquiring banking license in Hong Kong when a credit card company planned business expansion including negotiation with HKMA and Japanese financial regulator.

Three major services

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